GIANTS Editor 5.0.3 & Plugins for Convert

GIANTS Editor 5.0.3 & Plugins for Convert - Программа для создания/редактирования модов игры Farming / Landwirtschafts Simulator 2009/2011/2013, Skiregion-Simulator 2012, Demolition Company - Программа позволяет редактировать i3d файлы карт/техники и любых других модов для игры. В комплекте плагины для конвертации из 3D программ: Blender, 3D MAX, Maya.

Features 5.0.3:
- Fixed display of terrain painting brush
- Fixed crash on exit
- Fixed animation panel update on selection change
- Fixed crash when closing the currently open i3d while an animation is playing
- Added support for multi-selection and skinned mesh selection to animation panel

Features 5.0.1:
- Fixed saving crash with unskinned shapes
- Fixed saving single color textures to i3d
- Fixed mouse radius crash with scroll wheel
- Fixed user attribute delete button
- Changed animation clip index
- Removed shadow texture offset parameter from light source
- Reloads custom textures as well
- User attribute updates
- Display selected nav mesh and audio source white
- Updated nav mesh generation
- Updated terrain panel
- Updated custom shader format to version 2
- Added square bush rendering (editor)
- Added configurable global clip object mask to editor
- Added emit start and stop time to particle systems
- Added option addToPhysics to clone function
- Added optimized geometry flag to i3d to avoid re-optimizing
- Added min clip distance to transform groups

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