Agrarfrost v5.0 Final Edition

Мод "Agrarfrost v5.0 Final Edition" для Farming / Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013 - Культуры стандартные. Скриншот карты ПДА в полном описании.

Author: Tiago Piloneto

Welcome to the farm of high technology. Here are the best products produced in the region. When you start your career, a big challenge awaits him: to generate capital to buy the other 7 fields. You begin with some basic implements for milk production or cultivation soil to new cultures.
A small area is available for cultivation of major crops, the others must be purchased. In total there are 7 fields with the price of 45370.37 hectare and recovery of 30%. In total there are 353.60 hectare in the estimated value of $ 16,042,962.96 with appreciation of 30%, totaling $ 20,855,851.85.
General characteristics of the map:
- New main farm
- complex for production of different fruits, herbs and vegetables. Besides milk, wool and fresh eggs.
- New system for storing potatoes and sugar beet with animation and mats for loading.
- New siloplex ®: complex with grainstation, silos, bins for loading
- New cowplex ®: A complete set of stables, silos for silage, sheds with animation and function for wheat windrow, barley and grass windrow; shed for storing bales of straw or grass, slurry tanks and solid manure; office, sheds for storing vehicles. It also includes a large area for grazing animal with food and water reservoirs.
- GreenHouse: Location for the installation of green houses to produce fruit. vegetables and herbs.
- Ample sheds for various machines
- Gas Station, near him, local oil change and vehicle maintenance
- SeedStation: storage complex of high quality seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.
- 2 houses to live
- You can sell your solid or liquid manure and cut your grass
- Shop
- Deposit to cut grass near the ewes (to store excess production and facilitate the feeding of sheep. You can use a shell to load a wagon or use the Kuhn Primor SPV 12.).
- Sales of products:
- Muehle (Muehle)
- Gueterbahnhof (potato beet wheat barley rape)
- StationFarmShop (wheat barley rape maize potato Sugarbeet)
- Stiegl Brauerei (barley)
- Gartencenter (chaff grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow grass dryGrass)
- Gartencenter (manure)
- Gartencenter (liquidManure manureLiquid)
- Large cultivable area: 353.60 hectares
Changelog v5.0 Final Edition
- New cowzone (new barn with many details, cows, small cows etc.).
- New hall for the sheep with cut grass depot to store excess production and facilitate removal for feeding the sheep
- New sheds for machinery
- New garage for an oil change and maintenance of machines
- New sheds for the deposit of straw, grass and straw bales made (near cowzone).
- New landscaping, more details
- Traces at various locations on the map
- Bugfix in general
Changelog v4.0 Final Edition
- fixed problem with lucky horseshoes
- fixed problem with boundaries of the land
- fixed problem with collisions on the map
- garamgem for new machines
- Capaciade silos increased (BGA and Cowzone)
- error correction with the name of the railway station
- Local to sell solid or liquid manure and grass, dry grass.
- New railway station to the unloading of trailers with rear discharge
- New icons on the PDA
- Correction many other small bugs for the final version of the map
- New sheds for deposit of straw and grass
- new PDA
- Several other new features await you. Good fun.
Fields, size and price:
FIELD N. 01 33.01ha -> $ 1.946.978,00
FIELD N. 02 21.49ha -> $ 1.267.512,00
FIELD N. 03 6.92ha -> $ 408.151,00 (owned by player)
FIELD N. 04 61.86ha -> $ 3.648.594,00
FIELD N. 05 68.10ha -> $ 4.016.638,00
FIELD N. 06 50.72ha -> $ 2.991.540,00
FIELD N. 07 63.12ha -> $ 3.722.911,00
FIELD N. 08 48.30ha -> $ 2.848.805,00
TOTAL AREA: 353,52ha
TOTAL PRICE: 20.851.129,00
- Capacity of silos for silage in Cowzone:
Silo01: 2.000.000Kg
Silo02: 2.000.000Kg
Silo 03: 2.000.000Kg
Total: 6.000.000Kg
- Capacity of silos in BGA:
Silo 01: 5.000.000Kg
Silo 02: 5.000.000Kg
Silo 03: 5.000.000Kg
Silo 04: 5.000.000Kg
Total: 20.000.000Kg
- Capacity of liquid manure pit on Cowzone:
- Capacity of solid manure silo:

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